Take Part

Thanks for your interest in taking part in the Warm Women Scarf Project. Scarves are being sent to Thailand on 5th December 2009 and registrations are now closed.

Instructions & Rules

There are hardly any of these.

Register to take part by sending a quick hello email to warmwomen@hotmail.com. I will only really need your name and email address but if you have a website or blog you want included on this blog, feel free to give that info too.

Make a scarf.
– Design? Up to you.
– Size? Up to you (keeping cosiness in mind).
– Construction materials and method/s? You guessed it – up to you.
Be as creative as you like.

– Your scarf;
– Your name; and
– A photo of you and/or the scarf in progress;
to me (Address to send to will be provided when you register). I will put all the scarves together and send them to Thailand.

5. Scarves need to be received by me no later than TUESDAY 1ST DECEMBER, 2009.

Are you ready to send your scarf? If so, read this!

Potentially Frequently Asked Questions…


One response to “Take Part

  1. Hi Claire please count me in for this wonderful cause I am so happy to help
    hugs Linda

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